Cement Pot

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TS1680167.jpg TS1680167 set 2 47 -47- 67 pc A 47 -47 -67 pc B 35 -35- 55 This planter has 2 options: Option 1: TerraStone Pot TerraStone pots are also known by many different names such as: Plant pots, Fiberglas pots, Cement pots, Beton, lava pots, lightweight cement pots, Ligtweight concrete pots, ficonstone pots , terrazzo pot . The main ingredients that make up Terrastone Pot include Portland Cement, sand, stone, fiberglass and other auxiliary materials. For a better understanding of this document, refer to the article published on this website. Option 2: Poly TerraStone Pot Poly Terrastone material or it is also known by other familiar names such as: PolyStone, Polysand Polycement,PolyRockstone, Fiberstone,Composite,Polyterrazzo,...... The main components of Poly TerraStone are Polyresin Glue, stone powder, stone, sand, cement portland, fiberglass and other auxiliary materials for this material lightweight it is popular as well as very appropriate in the present time. In terms of quality and superiority and safety compared to Natural Terrastone Cement a lot. Poly TerraStone completely solves most of the disadvantages mentioned in Natural cement ( concrete) and you can see more of my article in this Website . About the form of Packaging: depends on size and style options will have the appropriate packaging form for that product. Packing type: 1- Directly onto the pallet 2- For light products: Packed into cartons after packing on pallets 3- Pack the product into the carton finish after packing the free carton into the container. 4- packing wooden bales 5- Packing according to customer's request
set 2 47 47 67 TS1680167.jpg 2 2 172 402
pc A 47 47 67 TS1680167.jpg A A
pc B 35 35 55 TS1680167.jpg B B
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