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Picture Description/Eng. Requestion for packing Color Unite Dimensions Item No./Factory MOQ/20 'DC MOQ/40 'HC Order Note of Custumer
Cm Item with combnation
set pcs L W H Item set color Code no.
TS1680297.jpg Flower pots are made from lightweight concrete (TerraStone) Material and Poly TerraStone ( PolyStone) Material Please choose the material you want We will provide the unit price after you provide your material and packaging needs Selected Pallet Carton Pack Mail Order Droptest 3A
Parts 2 85 85 45 TS1680297.jpg 2 2 79 185
Top A 80 80 3 TS1680297.jpg A A
Leg B 85 85 42 TS1680297.jpg B B
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