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Payment methods

In order to bring you the best online shopping experience at Terrastone.vn, we offer payment methods for you to easily choose:

1. Payment on delivery (COD)

2. Direct payment at the office of Japana Vietnam Joint Stock Company

I. Payment on receipt - COD:

COD stands for Cash On Delivery, which means payment on receipt. With this payment method, you pay cash to the delivery staff as soon as you receive your order. We accept payment on delivery (COD) for all orders nationwide.

**Note: Only applicable for orders with a total value of less than 10 million VND. If the order is over 10 million VND, please choose another payment method.

Simple. Safe. No hassle but absolute peace of mind when customers choose to pay COD.

II. Payment at the Terrastone.vn Grinding Stone Company:

Customers can go directly to the office of Terrastone.vn Grinding Stone Company at the address: 1/358 Hoa Lan 2 Street, Thuan Giao Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong Province and directly meet the cashier to payment.

In addition, Terrastone.vn Grinding Stone Company also supports additional forms of payment via Bank account for large value orders and at your request. This is a form of payment by transferring money from the customer's account to the account of Terrastone.vn Grinding Stone Company through the Bank.

At the website of terrastone.vn, after the customer selects the product and chooses to purchase, the page provides delivery information. Japana's support consultants will provide you with Japana.vn account numbers at banks that Terrastone.vn accepts to pay, you can choose the most suitable bank. with me to process the payment for the selected order.

** Note: When you choose the Payment method via Bank, To avoid confusion due to many orders, please write "Order Number" of the order we have provided to you. customers via email to confirm the order in the payment content.