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Return and Refund Policy

1. Conditions of return and exchange:
Understanding the hesitation/worry of customers about the authenticity of goods when shopping online, Terrastone.vn Company supports a co-check policy, which applies to all products sold at the website. terrastone.vn (Not applicable to products sealed by the manufacturer).

Before accepting and paying for an order, customers of Terrastone.vn have the right to request to open the box to check whether the goods inside are correct with the order information. The information includes: Quantity, type (Model), color, size, form, integrity of the goods.

Further testing steps such as product trial can be conducted after you have paid for the order.

From the time of receiving the goods, you have the right to refuse to receive the goods and make an exchange/return according to the specific exchange/return conditions below. Please contact our Customer Care department immediately for timely support.

*** NOTE: The weight information of the product shown on the website is an approximate weight, for reference only (to help customers better visualize the product), not for checking. inspect, return goods.

Conditions of exchange:

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2. Method of return and exchange:
During the effective time of exchange and return, please follow these steps to receive an exchange or return:

- Step 1: Directly contact the Sales Consultant via Call Center: 0937952288 for timely support.

- Step 2: Take and send product pictures to confirm the condition of the goods.

- Step 3: After the return request is approved, please pack it carefully and send it by post or other means of transport to us at the address:

+ Recipient: Terrastone Grinding Company.vn

+ Address: 1/358 Hoa Lan 2 Street, Thuan Giao Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong Province

- Step 4: Please pack carefully, avoid scratches, damage, peeling or dirt compared to the time of confirmation of acceptance of return and exchange.

* NOTE: If the returned product is damaged, broken, scratched, peeling, dirty, ... has changed compared to the time of confirmation of acceptance of return, we have the right to refuse to receive it. lie.

3. Refund Policy:
Terrastone.vn Grinding Stone Company commits to 200% refund if the product is of poor quality, not genuine.

As soon as the cancellation order is sent back to us by the customer, we will confirm that, within 07 working days, Terrastone.vn will return the full amount for the product/order that you have paid. maths.