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Warranty Policy


1. The product is warranted for free if it meets the following conditions:

- The product has a technical defect due to the manufacturer
- Still in the warranty period
- Still have the purchase invoice of Terrastone.vn Grinding Stone Company
- Warranty card must be intact, not patched, erased or repaired.
- Warranty card with full information: model, serial number, date of manufacture, name of customer used, address, date of purchase (for products that do not apply Electronic Warranty)
- Manufacturer's warranty stamp (and seal) on the product is intact.

2. Cases that are not covered by warranty or incur warranty fees:

- Violation of one of the free warranty conditions in section 1.
- The serial number and product model do not match the Warranty Card.
- Customers arbitrarily intervene to repair products or repair at warranty centers that are not authorized by the Company.
- The product is damaged due to user error, and the defect is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty


The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase or from the date of manufacture, depending on the type of product specified on the warranty card. For electronic warranty products, the warranty period is calculated from the time of electronic warranty activation.


Information of the service center will be recorded in the warranty card attached to the product. Please contact the service center directly on the warranty card.

In case the product is distributed directly from the Dealer, please contact the dealer directly for warranty support in the fastest time. All agent information is recorded on the delivery receipt attached to the box.

If you have difficulty contacting the warranty center, please contact Customer Care at hotline 0937952288

In case you are too far from the service center or have problems that are inconvenient to come to the service center directly, you can send the product to Terrastone.vn, we will support sending the product away. Warranty to help you