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Conditions of purchase- order Incentives Promotion

You are an individual or a company, you can buy and order from us with the following terms:

1- About Order Quantity:

A- EXW Price: unlimited quantity. However, if quantity of order is low. All mold and core costs will be paid by you. Of course, this part of the cost will be announced and agreed before.

B- FOB /Price USD: Minimum quantity is 1x20 feet (20'DC) including 5 Items and 10 Items for 1x40'HC

* In case you order 1x20 feet or 40' HC with only 1-2 Items, you will receive 3%-5% depreciation according to the previously agreed unit price

2- Incentives:

A- If you order in large quantity, please give us the quantity expected earlier thus we have the base to calculate preferential prices in the best way to you.

B- If you are not a direct buyer but you are a referrer to us, we will deduct 1% of total order value for you and you will benefit 1% during the process when we transact with customers referred to us.

3- Promotion:

We will have a discount program for customers who have repeat orders for large

quantities and few items for 1x40' HC. This will be announced once we get the customer's draG quantity. Through the calculation, we will provide the official preferential unit price.