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Sample development – Sample costs – Sample refund Sample shipping fee Intellectual protection

1- Sample development - Sample Cost- Sample refund

To help customers make samples and develop all samples at our company. We are happy to work with customers to develop new models in a timely manner to quickly meet the needs and tastes of customers.

We have the following conditions:

A- Long-time customers (Loyal customers):

-As customers who have cooperated for a long time and contributed to the development of our company, we will receive 50% sample discount according to the offered unit price. Sample cost and sample freight, you can understand and conduct simply as follows:

The unit price offered to you is USD 100. It means that the cost of making samples must be multiplied by 3 times: USD 100 x 3 = USD 300 is sample cost. But you are a loyal customer, so we have a 50% discount policy offering to you. It means you only pay USD 50 to us. This means that we have invested and supported you to make samples at the cost of USD 250 plus a packaging cost of USD 50 = USD 300 (our cost). That's why the freight to transfer this sample by air or by sea will be paid by you.

* The sample cost of USD 50 supported to us will not be refunded even aGer we receive your official order.

B- You are a new customer, you want to purchase and develop samples with us, the sample cost is calculated as follows:

* Unit price offered to you  x 3.5 times = Sample cost: for example: The unit price offered to you for   1 table top is USD 150, so the cost of making and developing the sample: USD 150 x 3.5 = USD 525 includes packaging cost. In addition, the freight by air or sea to transport this quantity of sample is will be paid by you. However, your sample cost of 525 USD has been paid to us before, you will be refunded from our company, as soon as we officially receive your order by the deduction method for that order.

2- Intellectual protection:

I am also a designer. I studied in Germany, thus I always understand very well your values as well as deeply understand how valuable your works are, thus those values will be appreciated and protected. We always appreciate and protect your intellectual property as it is your invaluable asset, so it must always be honored and preserved.

A- The product is intellectually protected upon a new form, it exhibits outstanding features, has a unique and strange angle that has never been produced or present in the market.

B- The artwork drawings, design drawings provided by you are true. C- Special size designs and drawings

D- Other agreements