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Transfer Original documents

You own the original set of documents of the goods. It means you are the owner of the goods in the container, so this document is very important for you to report and complete the import tax (if any) at the tax office where you receive the goods.

Original documents consist of the following documents:

* packinglist

* Invoice

* B/L

* Fumication certificate

* C/O

1- Transfer Original Documents:

A- The original set of documents proves that you are the owner of this shipment, so aGer we receive your full payment, we will immediately forward this original set of documents to you by guaranteed leter via courier service.

B- Telex Relese: You can also ask us to conduct Telex Relese for you. Telex Relese is the most compact and fastest method of goods liquidation that is being applied by everyone.

Telex Relese helps you receive the above related documents quickly through the forwarding company, agent, carrier in the host country.

B- AGer you receive a copy of the original document via email or other online applications within   5 working days, you shall pay us 70% of balance amount. AGer we receive 70% payment, we will immediately send the original documents as above or confirm Telex Relese with the carrier and the

carrier will provide you with the original documents or receive the goods in the host country without without the original documents.

2- Original documents related to your goods include the following documents: A- B/L ( Bill Of Loading)

B- C/O (Certificate of Origin)

C- F/M : Fumication Certificate (Without FM if your goods are not related to wood) D- Packinglist

E- Commercial Invoice