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About us


    The company has existed for more than 25 years and had the sum up of many generations of the grandfather — father in tradition. Because of the hard situations in the past, currently with the assistance of the State and the effort of brothers, our company can develop day after day. Our expectations are to receive your attention, associate with domestic and foreign customers in order to bring back common profits to the whole society and create many jobs for Vietnamese workers.


Vision: To become the most efficient terrazzo product providers in Vietnam.

Mission: To provide standard and qualified products which satisfy the demand of customers.


       - To employees: The company with healthily competitive working environment where everyone is respected and has the opportunity to prove themselves.

       - To customers: Customers' interests first.

       - To society: Respect common welfares.

Core value: Honesty, Prestige and Validity

       - Honesty: Honesty is the first standard qualification for employees in TerraStone Co.vn

       - Prestige: It is more precious than gold.

       - Validity: The price is valid.


    With the outstanding advantages mentioned above we got that other companies in Vietnam rarely have and these advantages can help you be easy to get the right decision in choosing a correct terrazzo product provider for your company. Futhermore, quality is our number one goal proving that your decision choosing Terrazzo Lai Thieu 2 is absolutely accurate.


    Our Board of Diretors are professional experts who have many practical experiences as producer, businessman, consultant and perceive the strong and weak points in organizing, managing and developing business in the current Vietnamese business environment. Above all, we gain the knowledge about cultural characteristics, laws, business practices in the country and around the world. On this basis, we understand and are willing to meet every reasonable requirements from customers.

    In addition, our staffs have been firmly trained and had experiences in their own scopes. Therefore, we strongly believe that Terrazzo Lai Thieu 2 can provide you the preeminent services and products with the highest quality.