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 Previously our company name was Terrazzolaithieu 2 Co., Ltd. was established in the 80's. By the 90's, the state of Vietnam has applied many economic policies to communicate with many countries in the world. Terrazzolaithieu 2 Co., Ltd is not easily accessible to customers as the name is too long and difficult to remember as well as difficult to find our company’s name on electronic websites, so we changed the company name to TerraStone. Co., Ltd. A name that properly reflects its function and industry. A new name is both easy to call and easy to remember and especially still shows the origin and nature of the product today.

* Terrastone is formed by the two phrases Terrazzo and Stone that Terrazzo Products and Stone Products thus you have understood and have seen through classic products that are very popular in the world such as Terrazzo and Stone as house foundation, stairs, sidewalk tiles, and bige Statues and more. These Terrazzo products have also appeared in Vietnam for a long time through traditional products such as Terrazzo Table,  Terrazzo  bench and used for  construction projects, public works. Terrazzolaithieu is one of the first manufacturers in Vietnam, a private and family owned company. As a member in a family   with a tradition of producing all kinds of Terrazzo tables and chairs, I always hopes and wishes to bring   his products to the world to introduce to friends wordwide and to do business and trade. By 1988,

I was able to study in Germany and thus my dream came closer. AGer years of studying in Germany,    I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience and become a designer and I have Survey and sell this product offers over the years with our Terrazzo products but I have not been successful.

I was really sad and hopeless. No one, no customer was interested in our products as European customers were only interested in other traditional products like Flower Pots from Terracota and ceramics at that time.

I got advices of my friends and local people and aGer many failed atempts. I applied Terrazzo material as un-baked flower pots and I carried out pilot production in 2000-2003 then unburnt flower pots were born. However, at the beginning of the years 2003-2005, the products offered by me to sell in

European countries from the products of unburnt flower pots continued to not responded and cared by you and I fell into a situation of desperation and sadness. While I was in a desperate situation, I met a Danish man, Mr.  Ole Ransen (Pot Ole Company), he sold his goods at Ambiente-Frankfurt fair.  I made friend with him and    I told him about my desperate stories and my desire to do business with him. I finally convinced him to import our unburnt flower pots continuously for many years. He helped us with the sale of terrzzo flower pots to several countries in Europe. Now I realize the fact and I secretly thank him very much. He himself made Terrazzo pots more and more popular in European countries at the early age. Thank you Mr. Ole Ransen and see you in the coming day in the future. The demand and taste for un-baked Terrazzo flower pots is more and more and many new manufacturers appear, thus the price competition struggle in the market becomes more fierce than ever. Some new manufacturers that are still young and inexperienced in the business have leG the fledgling Terrazzo industry on the brink of total collapse as competitive prices are so low that it is no longer profitable. You know, I'm a very worried person as I am a Vietnamese, German nationality, I decide to give up German citizen and return to Vietnam to dedicate what I have learned in Germany as Vietnam is the place I love the most and the place I can apply my learned knowledge in production and in export. Terrazzo pots are going to collapse aGer a while of glory although I have worked hard to seek for market and retain Terrazzo pots with hopelessness. I am worried that I have no way to return to Germany when I have nothing. Facing that difficult situation in 2007-2008, I leG the Parent Company founded by my brother and my own subsidiary company: the Company named Terrazzolaithieu 2. Co., Ltd. in order to prevent Terrazzo industry from quickly

collapsing immediately I have changed Terrazzo pots to unburnt concrete pots with more natural characteristics. I have made natural concrete pots with various forms and always give new names to the products according to each period of its decline with the very catchy names used in the export of unburnt Potery. Especially, Planter pots are improved into extremely light pots, in addition, flower pots are applied with excellent Nano waterproofing, highly aesthetic so that these products can be used indoor and outdoor. With the contribution    of various manufacturers, un-baked ceramic pots become the best selection today. Thanks to such unexpected change, un-baked ceramic pots made from cement sand and stone have become existing, sustainable and current trend brand, TerraStone ceramic pots are really welcomed by many countries around the world.

The prosperity and existence of today un-baked TerraStone ceramic pots is a great contribution of your and  your customers. Thank you for your purchase of our products and your active contribution to the above change.

Thank you for your care in the development of our TerraStone ceramic industry. You and your customers are the best ones. On behalf of everyone, I wish your business success in our products and wish you peaceful, healthy and good!

Young enterprises in the past have grown up and new enterprises will learn the lessons of their predecessors to maintain and develop this industry for their descendants in the future.

TerraStone Pot : unburnt planter pots have been actively contributing to your life. It makes your home more beautiful. Please come to un-baked TerraStone to help the common environment in the world cleaner and more beautiful as TerraStone is a natural product, so it is very friendly to the environment.

TerraStone Pot: keep growing and you will not believe it in the future, as I am Mr. TerraStone (Nick Name) and My Company is TerraStone Co., Ltd



Nick Name : Mr. TerraStone

Mr. TerraStone:


I would like to introduce myself. My name is Huynh Van Hanh ( Nick Name : Mr. SterraStone ). I studied and lived in Germany 1989-2008. Currently, I am a Director of TerraStone Co., Ltd, a private company based in Binh Duong Province (Province), Vietnam (Country). Factory and office area is about 30,000m2 with a workforce of 100 skilled workers. Our company specializes in the production and export garden and interior- outdoor products and Park. The main products are Planter pot , tables and chairs, stools, outdoor and indoor tables and chairs.

The main materials used for these products are lightweight

concrete (TerraStone light weight and Supper light weight) and polystone (composite) . It is unburnt products, made by handicraft. Our current customers are domestic trading companies purchasing and exporting to Europe, America and Australia. With the current preeminent and high quality products, we wish to be able to supply directly to European and American markets instead of supplying to commercial customers in Vietnam. With many years of production experience as well as absolute belief in the quality of our products, we really wish to become your supplier.

To Study more about our product lines and

product quality, we are very pleased to welcome you to Vietnam. With your precious time to visit our company. We always get the atention and order as well as you and your customers’ cooperation in the future and together develop good products for the world in the future.

Please contact us for more information. All your questions will be answered as soon as possible. If you are not primarily responsible for our product lines, please pass this information to the responsible person as well as the buyers at your company.

Please take the time to visit our website more oGenand select the product codes thereof so that we can proceed with the fastest quotation for you or you can provide your favorite samples for us to develop and make samples for you. All your favourable ideas and models will be respected and preserved by us throughout the cooperation process.

Please visit our website:

www.terrastone.vn to help us communicate with you as well as provide our information to you in the most sincere way, please provide us with your company's full information as well as email, contact phone numbers or other online applications such as: Viber, Zalo, Skype, whatsapp and etc.

Light Weight cement Pot

1* Light weight Cement Pots are pots made from the main ingredients Portland Cement, natural sand, finely ground natural stone and mesh, fiberglass and other additives.
     2* Light weight Cement Pots have many types of the same type but different names such as:
Cement Pots , Cement Pots , Cement Pots , Cement Planters , Fiberglas Cement Pots , Fiberglas Cement Pots , Fiber Pots , Fiber Planters , Fiberglas Cement Planters , Sand Pots , Sand Pots , Pots Ficonstone Planter , Ficonstone Pot , Ficonstone Pot , Cast Pot , Cast Pot Pot , Cast Pot , Casting Planter , Casting Plant , Clay Pot , Clay Planter and many other names.
3* Although there are many different names, they are all variations from the main ingredients mentioned above.
4* Today, the Light weight Cement Pots have been greatly improved by manufacturers and in many different ways to make the products they make lighter to suit the needs of users. In which we are one of the leading manufacturers who have raised goodwill, upgraded this product of beton basin to a fairly light product and this light pot is called Beton leight, Super light, Cement super light, super light cement,
5* Besides, this Light weight Cement Pots is further improved in quality with Nano water Proof anti-reducing technology in the pot and the outer skin of the pot does not absorb water to help the flower pot always keep its beautiful brightness. , shiny. beautiful display during the long process for the user
6* With Nano Water Proof waterproof technology for this planter Light weight Cement Pots, our pots can not only be used outdoors but also can be used indoors And used in luxurious places will bring beauty full of charm and nobility.


Besides the products of TerraStone Cement unburnt Potery pots. Since 2013, we have also launched many products from Poly TerraStone material Especially the products of tables and chairs to serve the higher life needs of users as well as in line with the peak era of online market services.

1- Poly TerraStone Planter Pot :

Unburnt Potery Planter pots made from poly resin material are very diverse and the quality is mostly preferred by customers in the market today.

2- Poly TerraStone -Table, stool, Base:

Tables,  Unburnt Potery   table tops are made from poly resin glue. Table  tops combined with legs   are made from wooden legs, iron legs, aluminum legs or other types of legs with other materials, etc.

- You can buy the table tops from us and you can buy table legs or order from anywhere else. We can work together in a simple way so that you can get the perfect product.

- This is our current strategic product as it has many positive advantages that are interested by many people as well exported to many countries around the world. You can refer the positive advantages in Poly TerraStone product introduction.

Poly TerraStone - Animal, Statue : applied as same as above, but these are decorative products with high artistic value and high processing costs, so the cost price is very expensive, so the sales volume is very low and slow in order to best serve you and our customers, we always meet your expectations so that you have more diverse categories for your sale, business programs.

4- Our choice of Poly TerraStone for your collection in the business portfolio will be right, atractive buyers, as users that you may not only bring revenue but also joy and happiness to users and it is also a right choice of full intelligence. Try to order and use to prove, and to experience what I have presented to you on the basis of the above facts. Because I am Mr. TerraStone (Nickname)

* The main ingredients that make up products from Poly TerraStone include Polyester, Natural sand, natural Stone, natural cement, fiberglas and other auxiliary ingredients.

Outstanding features of Poly TerraStone is a particularly light, un-burnt product. Due to the increasing demand of users, we have applied it to the production of products for life, creating a natural beauty that is due to natural ingredients, especially unburnt products and very environmentally friendly.

For example, some of our products are supplied to many countries around the world such as: Planter pots, Animal, Statue and in-outdoor Furniture: Table, Stool, Bulkhead, Cabinet. etc

* Poly TerraStone and optimal features:

Poly TerraStone- The old name was RockStone because we changed the company name, so Rockstone was changed to poly Terrastone Outstanding features of Poly TerraStone:

Poly TerraStone it is very interested by people because it has many preeminent features as follows: 1-The effect shows the naturalness

2- durable, supple, and elastic, adapt to all weather even adapt to harsh weather 3-Easy to handle errors if the product is defective

4- have a long service life and use

5- Hard to fade and have durability and color 6-Can withstand a lot of high impact force 7-Can withstand high abrasion

8- Packaging costs simple packaging can save a lot on packaging costs

9- Because packaging is less expensive because packaging accessories are not needed, the quantity is quite large for 1 + 40' feet HC

10- Due to the large number of downloads, it helps buyers reduce costs 11-good waterproof

12- If the product is furniture and is a table top, you can easily "KD" in combination with iron legs, aluminum legs, wooden legs or any other material.

13- Poly Terrastone always shows its high value and class value 14-Poly TerraStone is so light

15- children and women easy to move

16- Our products have been exported for many years to Europe,

America, Asia (Korea, Japan) and Australia markets. Countries in Europe are extremely cold and Australien is extremely hot but so far have not seen any negative feedback. So our products can withstand harsh weather as mentioned above.

* Note: The names of the same group, the same name and the same material as Poly TerraStone have been named for this group of Poly materials including:

Polystone, Polyresin , Polyester, Composite, RockStone, Fiberglas, Polycement, Fiberpoly , powder Poly All of the names or groups of names listed above are known to you in recent times in business or in product search on internet or google search


TerraStone Cement Planter Pot and other products are unburnt, environmentally friendly: The main ingredients that make up this product include: Portland cement, natural sand, Natural Stones (small Stones) and fiberglas. Due to the requirements of various customers in terms of weight, it is divided into 3 groups:

A- Group of products with heavy weight : Heavy Weight : 22-26 kg / m2 B- Group of products with light weight: Light Weight: 13-16 kg/m2

C- Group of products with light weight: Super light Weight 10 kg-12kg/m2

If you want to know what is the ideal weight of your product, calculate your product in m2 then multiply by the group's common denominator in order that you can get the weight for the type of product you want to develop.

• Unburnt products such as Planter pots with the same characteristics widely preferred and used names into trade terms and search terms are very common on the Web. We will make a list of words that are commonly used for similar products to help you and your customers understand and not get confused when there are too many different names. Please note my analysis so that you realize that it is so simple and so easy to distinguish and so easy to remember.

• All the names below are mostly set by me aGer the development period of the product as well as help customers realize that we are a manufacturer that always gives customers the new and convinces Customers keep the price or raise the price. Therefore, the appearance of the following names used to search in business or search on the websites or google searching for your needs, but in fact all of them are just one type. The following names have the same characteristics, the same category:

- Terrazzo heavy or light terrazzo- Natural Terrazzo: (polished stones)

- Light cement: (natural products with cement ingredient)

- Fiber Beton: (natural products with fiberglas ingredient)

- Concrete-light concrete: (natural products with cement ingredient)

- Cement pot :( natural Products with cement ingredient)

- Ficonstone: (natural products with cement and fiberglas ingredients)

- TerraStone: (natural products with Stones ingredient)

- Beton pot: (natural products with cement ingredient)

- Fiberglay: (natural products with fiberglas and Stones ingredients)

- Beton pot: (natural products with cement ingredient)

- Beton pot: (natural products with cement ingredient)

- Lava pot (natural products with Lava Stone ingredient)

- Powderstone: (natural products with Stone ingredient)

- GRFC pot : (natural products with Fiberglas and Stone ingredients but lots of fiberglass)

- GFC pot : (natural products with Fiberglas and Stone ingredients but lots of fiberglass)

By listing the groups named in this list, you realize that all are just one type of product. These names are different because I change from year to year upon the name of the ingredients used in the product.

• TERRASTONE Planter pots- TERRASTONE PRODUCTS is a new name with a more Modern name that is easier to call. It represents all raw materials used in the product and includes the names listed above combined into TerraStone material. In the present time, we have developed a new level into a strategic product for the beton industry of unburnt Planter pots:

* TerraStone pot light weigt: The product of unburnt Potery pot is the current strategy implemented

and developed by us according to the trend of light weight and safe waterproofing for indoor or outdoor use.

* TerraStone pot Super light weight: If you and your customers have a need for lightweight unburnt Potery pots so that you can conduct online market programs in more convenient and suitable manner for today's times, TerraStone Supper light weight with perfect nano waterproof inside and outside flower pots used indoor and outdoor. So the choice of TerraStone super light weight is the right choice. However, the different choice will be provided with different unit price.

What is the right material choice for your product and for your collection?


1. We specialize in manufacturing all products including interior and exterior products, as well as products for Garden and for Park on 2 materials Terrastone Poly (Polyeresin) and Terrastone Cement (Concrete)


2- Depending on the purpose of use user and your business needs as well as depending on the art of your business? Does your business have an online market, I will advise you to choose the right material for your product

3- Planter Terrazzo and concrete products are products that are mainly composed of natural materials such as sand, stone, fiberglass and cement. Although our product is beautiful and high quality, it is only suitable Shipped to you by packing directly on the pallet. Because Planter terrazzo and concrete products cannot withstand high impact force. If you want us to deliver to you by Products can be placed in cartons and then placed on pallets, but absolutely cannot be used for online delivery (Pack Mail Order). Order mail packing or Droptest 3A form because Ordering and packing by Droptest 3A is very expensive and affect load quantity will be much less resulting in high cost.

4- If your business has an Online Marketplace, delivery must apply to Mail or Package orders with droptest 3A then I have to advise you your product should use materials

TerraStone Poly. TerraStone Poly products are made in the same way as Terrazzo and Concrete. And the quality of this material is excellent you will like and be satisfied with Terrastone Poly .

I'm sure about that .You can find more information in my product introduction in the previous presentation. 5- The unit price of TerraStone Poly (Polyresin) will be 50-60% higher than TerraStone Cement (Concrete).

6- For the above 2 materials, we can produce for you any product you want.

In particular, TerraStone Poly material is applied to many furniture and Planter models and is very suitable for business goods through the online marketplace. because it is very light, high quality, high value, great impact resistance, the quantity loading of full container loads is significantly more.Read More TerraStone poly minimizes risk, simple packaging is used more and use wide’s well in today's online market.

7- If you sell to customers in bulk and ship them

By pallet, you should make Terrastone cement with super light weight (Concrete, Terrazzo)

8- If you sell to customers in bulk and ship them By selling online you should do Terrastone Poly

09- Hope you understand what I want to convey to you. Through the above presentation, can you tell us the genre? In what form is your business online or not online : Bulk shipments packed directly on pallets or in cartons in the form of Mail Order or packing by droptest 3A I will you advise

Thanks from the Director




Mr. TerraStone thanks for your time and your customers’ time to visit our website, your positive or negative contributions and comments always appreciate for your atention to our products in order to help us improve in the future.

Thank you for  your and customers’ trust and business cooperation, and thank you    for your accompany during the past time. Thank you for your share in valuable work and personal feelings with us. I would like to act behalf of colleagues to thank you and

your customers and wish you and your family members and friends all the best in business and peace in the life.

We are very happy and welcome you in a beautiful country, Vietnam, with a lot of compassion and genuine love. Thanks for your visiting our company in the future. See you and your customers aGer covid-19 epidemic.


VIETNAM Mr. TerraStone